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1. General and contact data

With the purpose of protecting your personal data, ATC Sitios de Colombia S.A.S. (hereafter “American Tower”) is committed to adequately managing the personal data that we collect from you. The information that you share with us will be primarily used for the implementation, development and maintenance of our legal and/or commercial relationship and will be processed, collected, stored, analyzed, used, shared, updated, and transmitted or transferred locally or abroad for the following purposes: (i) fulfillment or development of American Tower´s social purpose; (ii) accounting purposes; (iii) vendor registration purposes; (iv) fulfillment and development of the contractual obligations or commercial agreements; (v)  advertising and/or commercial-research purposes; (vi) creation of databases for research, statistics or marketing purposes; (vii) evaluation of the quality of American Tower’s services; (viii) sending notifications, ads or publicity about our products or services; and (x) sending information, magazines and news that we consider that may interest you, such as news, communications and advertisements regarding American Tower and its related companies.  

By using this web site you are authorizing American Tower and the other entities of the American Tower global group as well as any other local or foreign related entities, to use the personal data that you have provided for the purpose described above.

As the owner of said personal data, you are entitled to the rights contained in article 8 of Colombian law 1581 of 2012 and in any other applicable Colombian law or regulation as well as the policies contained in this website. These rights include, the right to: (i) review, update and correct your personal data with the entity responsible or in charge of the handling of your personal data, which right can be exercised, among others, with respect to partial data, inexact data, incomplete data, fractioned data, data that leads to error or data the use of which has been prohibited or has not been authorized; (ii) request proof of the data handling authorization; (iii) be informed, by the party responsible or in charge of the data handling, regarding how your personal data will be used; (iv) file complaints before the Superintendencia de Industria y Comercio, regarding data protection issues; (v) revoke the authorization and request the personal data be suppressed when the handling does not comply with the legal and constitutional rights, guarantees, and principles; and (vi) be granted free access to your personal data.

You may contact ATC for any purpose concerning this Privacy Notice by leaving e-mail for the Privacy Officer and/or Data Protection Officer at, or contacting that Officer at +1-617-375-7500 or 116 Huntington Avenue, 11th Floor, Boston, MA 02116.

2. How do we protect your Personal Data?

We are committed to protecting your personal data with the organizational, physical and technical security measures required by Colombian law in order to avoid its damage, loss, destruction, theft, alteration and/or its unauthorized processing. However, American Tower will not be held responsible for alterations o damages to your personal data caused as a result of the inherent vulnerabilities of computer systems or the internet.

3. Storage of your Personal Data

American Tower, directly or through any other of its affiliates or subsidiaries, may store your personal data in data bases located in Colombia or abroad.

4. Modifications to the Privacy Notice

American Tower shall have the right to modify or update, at any moment, this privacy notice to respond to legal developments or changes to its internal policies.

5. Collection and Use of Personal Information through this Website

You have a right to use this website without identifying yourself unless you choose to do so. American Tower may solicit information from you in several areas of this web site. American Tower will assume that you have given authorization to use said information if said data is provided when requested.

American Tower may track the IP address of your computer or place a “cookie” in the browser files of your computer. Collected information helps American Tower better understand its web site users’ needs and improve product and service offerings.