Image of a man using tablet outdoors

WiFi_icons_large.pngThese days the expectation of Wi-Fi coverage has become universal.

People expect Wi-Fi service in retail stores, offices, restaurants and other venues so they can remain connected through wireless communications. Wi-Fi networks also allow for the off-loading of data from traditional cellular networks.

Available as an addition to one of our in-building or outdoor Distributed Antenna System (DAS) networks, ATC Colombia’s Wi-Fi solutions provide fast and robust Wi-Fi connectivity in your facility, building or campus.

Why Wi-Fi?

  • Improves the wireless communications experience of guests and length of stay at your facility
  • Offers a value-added feature at your facility
  • Operates on unlicensed spectrum, allows for fast network development
  • Provides ubiquitous service within the coverage area
  • Allows easy off loading of cellular network data traffic

For more information on ATC Colombia Wi-Fi solutions, please contact us.